Christian Wiman and Don Share talk with David Biespiel about his controversial essay, "This Land Is Our Land," an early call for American poets to engage political subjects.


AWP Writer's Chronicle 

Judith Pulman interviews David Biespiel about poetic forms and the writer in the civic world.

State of Wonder | National Public Radio 

April Baer, in 2015, invites David Biespiel in to talk about poetry and civic life. 


West Texas Talk | National Public Radio

Corey Lovell speaks with Lannan Fellow David Biespiel about poetry in a difficult world.

BODY Literature

Joshua Mensch interviews David about Republic Caf, and what it means to inhabit the reality of the body politic within one's own skin.

Chicago Review of Books

Ruben Quesada interviews David about curiosity, generosity, and vulnerability in poetry.

Kenyon Review

Fiona Sze-Lorain talks to David about memoir and poetry

Between the Covers

David Naimon invites David Biespiel back to the studio in 2017 to discuss his being an accidental memoirist and The Education of a Young Poet.

Literary Hub 

Book Marks poses five questions to David Biespiel about book reviewing. He speaks about Leaves of Grass, American mythology, and log-rolling in poetry reviews.

The Rumpus

David Biespiel discusses his new book, The Education of a Young Poet, with Justin Wymer, about being comfortable in uncertainty, and extending moments in writing.

State of Wonder | National Public Radio

David Biespiel returns to talk to April Baer in 2017, with Wendy Willis, about their literary marriage, the writing life, and American myth.

Between the Covers

David Naimon chats with David Biespiel in 2015 about A Long High Whistle on the podcast Gary Shteyngart calls "the most intense and awesome podcast I've ever been a part of."


New Books in Poetry 

John Ebersole talks with David Biespiel about the publication of Charming Gardeners.


John Hoppenthaler talks to David about conceptual poetry, political poetry, and his new poems in Republic Cafe.

University of Washington Press Blog

An interview with David about the possibility and impossibility of writing poems.

Poetry Northwest

Kevin Craft introduces David Biespiel about the role of poets in contemporary American society and the presence of social/political issues in the content of poetry.

Joe Milford Poetry Show 

A conversation between Joe Milford and David Biespiel about the revival of Poetry Northwest and the state of poetry.


The Oregonian

Kerry Buckley's Q and A with David Biespiel about the publication of The Book of Men and Women.


Attic Institute of Arts and Letters

David Biespiel takes questions about the direction of Portland's leading think tank for creativity and creative writing that he founded in 1999.


ABC News Radio Nation

Sarah Corbett interviews David Biespiel, Mary Szybist, and others.


Back Page with Jody Seay

Jody Page sits down with David Biespiel to discuss the life of the writer.


Milwaukie Poetry Series

David Biespiel talks about how poets traverse the thresholds of the imagination to bring the gifts of poems to the community.